Pleasure Initiatrix

Shameless Sensuality

With Jacqueline Nora


I initiate women into a life of PLEASURE

I help those who are sexually unsatisfied have MIND-BLOWING ORGASMS and live a TURNED ON life


Sex can be as magical, passionate, wild, and mind-blowing as you fantasize about! Your body is capable of so much pleasure and it is your birthright to claim it. When you work with me, we discover and heal the road blocks that have prevented you from reaching these highly pleasurable, ecstatic states of bliss. 

The truth is, you are whole and holy exactly as you are. You have all the answers. and innately know what is best for you. But my guess is, since you have landed here, that is not how you feel right now. Sister, I know what it is like to be controlled by the voice of shame in your head. The one that tells you you aren’t good enough, skinny enough, smart enough, sexy enough, sweet enough, accomplished enough.

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You can heal. You deserve to. We need you to. To intimately know your pleasure. To own it. To live it, with every fiber of your being.

This isn’t about pretending that pain is not there, or doesn’t exist. This is about understanding the pieces within us that are in pain. We will work together to liberate these pieces within you through gentle expression practices. By allowing them to move through, you uplevel your confidence and ability to create the world that you want.

There is a radiant sensual being inside of you. Her flicker of light never goes out. She speaks through your desire. She is your Pussy, and she is waiting for you! Connecting to your Pussy means connecting to your power. To your beauty. To your confidence. To your ability to create the life you most desire. To have the sex that you desire. To have the relationships you desire. With yourself, and with others. Through our time together, the voice of shame in your head will get quieter, and Pussy will be your new guide. And boy oh boy will she take you on a delicious ride!


Client Love


"Jacqueline is an in tune, powerful, and sensitive space holder for women and their work. Lessons I learned during my short time with her have remained with me, and I have continued using certain techniques she brought to our sessions. She is an up-and-comer, bringing both experience and freshness to her sessions. My deeper work within myself as a Woman really began in sessions with her, and I’m so grateful it did—I feel so much more connected, compassionate and understanding of myself. "

— Teagan Rose


“My session with Jacqueline helped me physically feel into my emotions unlike I ever had before. She asked the questions I didn’t know needed to be answered and curated a safe and heartfelt space to do so”


“You have a high level of enthusiasm - you were brimming with excitement, which made me in turn excited and helped build rapport. It added an air of levity to the calls which was nice given I didn’t know exactly what to expect and the topic of sexuality can sometimes seem uncomfortable or scary (especially discussing it with a complete stranger!)…It was amazing how quickly during the exercises I could transform my thinking, going deep into my emotions in a matter of minutes… Also, hearing you use the word “pussy” so comfortably was inspiring to me. It was a word I always fumbled with and felt awkward saying...but you said it with power, positive energy, and sexiness. It was great role modeling and I am doing better at saying it more myself.”

— A.B.