Pleasure Initiatrix


Jacqueline Nora is the Pleasure Initiatrix, initiating humans into the wonder and delight of life through self love, pleasure, and intimacy coaching. 

Hi! I studied under Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with a focus on Tantric couples intimacy and female orgasm. I am a playful soul who loves diving into the uncomfortable depths, inviting the real and the vulnerable parts to catalyze the release of core fears and shame. I believe that you must experience the dark to understand the light, you must allow yourself to sit in the painful gross emotions to be able to surrender into the depths of pleasure. Through breathwork, sound and primal movements, I guide clients through the process of discovering and loving parts of themselves that have been disowned, allowing space for them to fulfill their deepest desires. 

I coach women on shifting their sexual story, healing their relationship with body, and expanding their orgasmic nature through a sacred connection to Pussy. I am the creator of the Pleasure Playshop, a curated experience of exploring connection with others through the five senses. My intention is to open the world up to shamelessly experiencing sensual pleasure in every moment.